We offer catering services for your events: combining taste and experience, wherever you are

When we think about a catering we do it by trying to achieve two main objectives:

satisfy the request in a creative way every time and ensure that our proposal is sustainable at every level.

Our catering services are based on the preparation of predominantly local products which we transform into original and balanced recipes, to provide give energy and good mood, for a business meeting or in less formal contexts.

We measure the impact of food and logistics, using reusable and second-hand materials as much as possible, to give life back to waste.

We always offer advice for the best composition of the menu and its presentation, thinking about the nutritional intake and marrying it with the aesthetics of the dishes.

For the setups, we rely on the skills of Adele from Dress Lunch who always manages to suggest and identify solutions that make what is around the food special and unique.

We have chosen to set as a B Corp and we operate in an ecological and sustainable manner. We strongly believe in the importance of contributing to generating positive social impact and we want to support enlightened individuals and companies, to contribute to the diffusion of a change of mentality oriented towards sustainable development.


for us it means taking care of what is always around us, transforming every occasion into an opportunity to limit our impact and measure every choice we make.

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