We start from simple raw materials, we favor whole cereals, legumes in grain, flour ground by the producer. To prepare your meal, we use vegetables harvested at their maximum strength and freshness, juicy, tasty, beautiful. We cook them simply, to let them speak for themselves.


All the ingredients we use are processed and prepared by producing minimal waste. We know how to use all parts of vegetables, we only throw away the inedible ones. We treat the preparations in order to safely manage the surpluses and transform them when they are still fresh. Meals planning allows us to reduce waste as much as possible.



We do everything possible to reduce the use of non-recyclable and polluting materials and substances. The container we use for delivery is the traditional multi-level stainless steel Dabba, which originated in India to deliver the food women prepared at home to workplaces. We liked this delivery system, at least 130 years old, so much that we made it our own. If you wish, however, you can also order in our compostable containers.


We choose an organic, local and vegetable diet because:

  • more varied, if you like to discover new flavors;
  • fairer, if you want to protect health and biodiversity;
  • lighter, if you need to maintain concentration after lunch;
  • more energy, if you practice physical activity;
  • more respectful of the territory, to continue enjoying its beauty.

Preferring biodiversity in the dish means promoting biodiversity in the field.


With Pasto Nomade we travel through the streets of our city and the surrounding countryside. From the valley to the Apennines, we choose peasant agriculture, producers who practice a relationship economy and the short-chain products, in compliance with ecological sustainability. We carefully select the ingredients that come from afar, relying on a network guaranteed by our supply chain. Emporio Camilla, the producers of Campi Aperti, Mediterranea, Corte Bà, Podere Santa Croce, Carla Zanarini are already part of our network of partners.


Working with local producers means using fresh products that grow in the most suitable environmental and climatic conditions for the development of their characteristics, and therefore more nourishing and tastier.